An example of allophone / the noise

Introduction company: Food maker Company M

An annoyance

Kokubo of the chief of a subsectionI purchased four high-speed rotary mixer HZP-870 type from HANWA two years ago to produce coolants.
For these past one or two weeks, allophone growling from a certain one our mixer does four of them.In addition, ... which feel like that I did not understand whether it was caused by allophone, but the vibration of the footstool which installed a feeling mixer grew big. Mixing in itself is made,; but ...
Because the circumference of the factory is a residential area, the muttering may break out when a sound grows big more than this. Would you look once?
(The voice extract of the customer)

Examination contents and a result

1:I go directly to the spot and confirm the situation
2:A sound / vibration exceeds far a standard value together when I measure it
3:I change a motor for a new article, but am not settled
4:Is a footstool weak? Is there abnormality in bearing?
5:I bring it in the factory of Hanwa once and dismantle it and inspect it.
6:It is bearing abnormally.
7:I change the bearing of the top and bottom.
8:Allophone / the noise dissolves together. The cause was bearing
9:I deliver it to the cause of the visitor again

The voice of the customer

It felt relieved to have come immediately after having appealed to HANWA for abnormality. Because a sound does not stop sounding even if change it for the motor of the new article locally, look at what the all of the member are troubled with including Kokubo of the charge; and "possibly should trade in" it? I became more afraid how I would apply for a budget with ".There was a response immediately after having taken a mixer home with me and did hot because, as a result, I got off with only exchange of the bearing. I do some agency way when I say a maker, and there was a serious late image, but saves it very much because HANWA gives top priority to that an on-site line does not stop as much as possible and moves. Because it is grasped all information just to convey production No, it is saved.
(The voice extract of the customer)

The impression of we person in charge

Super funkcy Boy Kokubo!!It was "GO oo..." and the sound that howled not a sound to be said to "Gara Gara". Changing it certainly thought a motor whether it was the trouble of the motor locally because I thought. When a symptom did not change by motor exchange, I was eager for a honest emergency. It is the professional of the stirrer. ... which is not finished without understanding it.I did it for small resistance of the bearing which I took it home in a factory, and I dismantled it and inspected it, and our expert staff noticed. When it was it for such noise by resistance of the very small bearing if it was the stirrer of the high-speed turn, myself was studied.
(By we charge Osaka main office Kokubo)


New small mixer HJP of all the models outdoors correspondence makes its debut in spring, 2009.
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We exhibit it in trade fair Hannover Messe 2009 of the world maximum grade held in Germany, Hannover in 2009 and am decided.

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