A characteristic of KAP-657 type

KAP-657The mixer of the portable type of the air motor drive is KAP-657 type.
You must examine the specifications of the electric expression motor for prevention of explosion by a scene having you use a mixer.HAP-857 type which what can support such situation becomes the mixer of the air motor deployment, and is a flange installation vertical stirrer depending on the use situation of the custemer. We prepare for KAP-657 type which is the stirrer of the portable type.
This the KAP-657 type mixer has power equivalent to 0.75kW of the electric expression stirrer by the greatest power. There is the following characteristic to a HANWA-type air motor mixer.
[A complete explosion prevention model]
We can use it in a being bombed not to spark-related condition
[Speed is variable]
Rotary speed can change gears by the operation of the speed controller.
[Small lightweighting]
We become the small and light model when we compare it with the mixer of the electric motor.
The weight becomes 47kg with 12kg, the greatest thing with the most lightweight thing.

A drawing download


*The dimensions become we catalogue authentic sample. The dimensions of the demand of the visitor can meet it.
*Please download the drawing of a model desired. There are a PDF file and a DXF file.

The Model  The Output (kW)  CAD File 
KAP-6572-1 0.2(Equivalency)  DXF  DWG
KAP-6572-5 DXF  DWG
KAP-6572-10 DXF  DWG
KAP-6572-15 DXF   DWG
KAP-6572-20 DXF  DWG
KAP-6572-30 DXF  DWG
KAP-6573-1 0.4(Equivalency)  DXF  DWG
KAP-6573-5 DXF  DWG
KAP-6573-10 DXF  DWG
KAP-6573-15 DXF  DWG
KAP-6573-20 DXF  DWG
KAP-6573-30 DXF  DWG
KAP-6574-1 0.75(Equivalency)  DXF  DWG
KAP-6574-5 DXF  DWG
KAP-6574-10 DXF  DWG
KAP-6574-15 DXF  DWG
KAP-6574-20 DXF  DWG

*Please talk about the short appointed date of delivery separately.
*Please talk about options such as a seal or lining processing with the customer hoped for separately


New small mixer HJP of all the models outdoors correspondence makes its debut in spring, 2009.
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We exhibit it in trade fair Hannover Messe 2009 of the world maximum grade held in Germany, Hannover in 2009 and am decided.

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