The characteristic of the HJP-890 type

The HJP-890 type is improvement of the HJ-820 type .The HJP-890 type is all models became the outdoor correspondence.
By the small tank of 50 liters - approximately 200 liters it is this HJP-890 type mixer to mix. We realized a price and the short appointed date of delivery when you were easy to have you buy the weight by a super lightweight design and a rational design of only 6.5kg - 9kg. We have the slowdown ratio abundantly, and the shifting type with the speed controller does a lineup, too.

We put a ball bearing on the small main body and, even a small and light mixer, reinforce a bearing. A mechanic airplane produces it with confidence Hanwa as a long-established store proud of the results more than half a century.

[Easy to operate because super lightweight]
While this plane is a vertical mixer; weight is 6.5kg - 9kg. It is very easy, and even a woman can handle smoothly the handling, too.
[Installation flange part durability preeminence]
The durability of the installation flange part is distinguished by carrying an oil seal, bearing.
[Static driving sound.The rotational speed is set responds to the usage]
We accept the use that is of setting turn speed depending on a use and set turn speed as standard equipment. Driving sound is stillness at the same level as an office sound.

A drawing download


*The dimensions become we catalogue authentic sample. The dimensions of the demand of the visitor can meet it.
*Please download the drawing of a model desired. There are a PDF file and a DXF file.

The Model  The Output(w)  CAD File 
HJP-8940-6 40 DXF  DWG
HJP-8940-15 DXF  DWG
HJP-8940-29 DXF  DWG
HJP-8960-6 60 DXF  DWG
HJP-8960-15 DXF  DWG
HJP-8960-29 DXF  DWG
HJP-8990-6 90 DXF  DWG
HJP-8990-15 DXF  DWG
HJP-8990-29 DXF  DWG

*Please talk about the short appointed date of delivery separately.
*Please talk about options such as a seal or lining processing with the customer hoped for separately


New small mixer HJP of all the models outdoors correspondence makes its debut in spring, 2009.
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We exhibit it in trade fair Hannover Messe 2009 of the world maximum grade held in Germany, Hannover in 2009 and am decided.

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