The example of a mixer made by SUS

Introduction company: Food maker Company E

An annoyance

An annoyanceI use a stirrer in a food factory. In late years a factory and the hygiene side of the manufacturing process are asked so that it is made in particular noise the issue of hygiene of the food factory.The various machinery becomes stainless steel not to mention the review of the cleaning method now because little rust and dirts are pointed out. Rust occurs to a mixer using by a tank made by stainless steel by all means and is troubled with the measures now.
A shaft and the impeller seem to be stainless steel, but rust is generated in the main body and the pipe seat. Will the production of the stirrer of the oar stainless steel be possible in HANWA?
(The voice extract of the customer)

Examination contents and a result

1:A customer visit
*We confirm the present mixer
*We discover several places rust in the pipe seat!
2:After return to the office, make arrangements with we designing department
*We produce the main body / a pipe seat in SUS
*It is the Sten coat painting to motor slowdown machine
3:Delivery of goods

The voice of the customer


An annoyanceAt first why is the tank for the opinion of the user to have a product made in stainless steel, and does not the mixer have a product made in stainless steel? I made an inquiry.It was a cause of worry that stirrer oneself got rusty even if I prevented alien substance mixture in a tank using a grand seal.
I was uneasy and thought that I cost dearly very much when I produced it with stainless steel from the main body, but asked it for production because it was the price of the tolerance level not to have any problem when it was long and thought about what I used.When a shiny mixer was delivered; "waited for such and such, this"! "Was a feeling
After all there seems to be many a company thought about us in the same way. HANWA seems to standardize a ser made by stainless steel and. We purchase several of them after this, but medicines hygiene side is severe and thinks that it is the mixer which is most suitable to a stirrer to use at an asked place as well as food in the performance resisting rust without being different from a normal mixer.
(The voice extract of the customer)

An impression in charge of us


Super hamsam boy was said the mixer which resisted the rust which did not get rusty, and honesty was troubled. The reason is because there is a budget to a customer for real production though stainless steel is that anyone has the idea. Because after all the stainless steel is high-quality materials / material and cannot answer immediately how much price a thing of producing it suffers from for the first time.
When the meeting of the price was over and had you really order it and produced a stainless steel bookbinding body and watched a shiny mixer in a factory, I was excited. Because the axis seal part was a grand seal, the pipe seat is natural stainless steel. When it was OK, honesty was relieved to check whether you did not cause a delay in a seal.I am very glad that I have, and it was done a favorable reception by an article lineup. It is a mixer made by HPS-500 type and KPS-400 type or oar stainless steel. I had a favorable reception in not only the food industry but also the medicine industry, and myself was a result of the great satisfaction, too, and it was studied.


New small mixer HJP of all the models outdoors correspondence makes its debut in spring, 2009.
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We exhibit it in trade fair Hannover Messe 2009 of the world maximum grade held in Germany, Hannover in 2009 and am decided.

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